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“Envie is an evocative group like no other in the Atlanta area. Their self-titled debut disc ably reveals how the band has solidified and energized its sound in the past couple of years. Intricate and pretty art-rock with a punchy pop undercurrent, the CD will likely appeal to the Kate Bush fan in your family. Jarboe, who employs Nelson for many of her live and recorded projects, returns the favor, appearing on guest vocals for one song here.” – Stomp and Stammer

“The group deftly hops from lamentful dirge to high-tempo romp, welding the sounds of their instruments into an intoxicating mix, then splitting off into solos – and how often can you catch a harp solo at the Caledonia?” – Flagpole Magazine

“One of those albums that surprised me. It’s rare for an album to grow on me as fast as this one has, but the, that’s why I’m talking about it here. Immensly enjoyable.” – Aiding & Abetting

“Envie’s sound has evolved from its calm and subdued beginnings into a full, operatic style of rock that is original and quite gripping; even with the more conventional instruments coming out into the forefront, the band has nevertheless carved out a very unique niche.” – Southeastern Performer

“The lead singer has a pretty voice and a few numbers swelled from quiet to intense. Dreamy stuff that’s stirring and simultaneously depressing.” – Degenerate Press

“Seeing Envie live is a treat, because Renee is precision controlled fury.” – Propeller Skies

Release Date
January 26, 2007

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Still Room

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