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“”You Motherfucker! Motherfucking Motherfucker!”. Jesus, lock up your old folks, PPR are on the prowl. From the word go, this 34 track LP goes straight for the jugular. It’s mix of Black Flag, Fugazi, Rollins Band & Liars make this a brutal listen. For those not in the know PPR (I have no idea what that stands for either!) are a US three-piece based in Atlanta. Where as Fugazi used some brutal lyrics and lashings of intelligence PPR go straight out of the ‘Tenth Grade’ humour school of song writing. ‘Drunk Sister Fuck’ uses some heavy bass work and guitar sounds which could recall Rage Against The Machine with firecrackers up their asses. “I wanna get drunk and fuck your sister!” they scream, “I wanna fuck her through her underwear!”. It’s silly stuff but it hits you right between the eyes (or legs). These guys can play. They are tight and have a hardcore sound which is certainly able to slay any critics who may not agree with their lyrical subject matter.

A lot of the songs on ‘Diarrhea’ are short, throw away rock songs. ‘Learn How To Live’ is literally a minutes worth of fall out. Clattering drums, Oxes style guitar screams and thick sludgy bass. ‘8’ sees the band take shifts in mad directions. The tempo ranging from breakneck to jolty. Weighting in at 34 seconds you can argue this song could have made more of it’s kickass verse. There was an argument settled by Swear At Motorists Dave Doughman years ago when argued his songs were too short. As he pointed out, when the song is finished, it is finished. Then there are songs like ‘Liver Death’ which are just too long anyway, I really can’t be listening to three blokes screaming about ‘Licking Assholes Out’, well i think that’s what they are saying. Maybe my mind has been perverted?

‘1 + 1’ sees the band take a trip into Pavement country then hardcore thrash before it’s all over. Short again. ‘Fearcide’ is almost an ode to classic metal, yet sped up about 3000 times. The guitars scrowl under the stomping Wah Wah effect and crazy distortion. Hey what’s this? ‘People Helping People’ is a pop gem! Think Minutemen meets Queens Of The Stone Age meets death metal. With it’s jazzy little verses and cutey pop lyrics, you’d be completely fooled until the chorus. “Diarrhea Everywhere!”, ouch. I was caught out there. You got me! Songs like ‘The Donkey Machine’ slow things down in a cool jazzy way. Guitar pomp, bursts of drumming and huge disrted bass sound make this one of the most solid songs here. PPR can play when they want to. That’s the thing about this band. They have 34 tracks here. All are interesting/ crazy/ manic/ passionate and pretty damn funny but you can see where they are heading. There’s a defiance that a child might have to it’s parents (the industry) and PPR aren’t playing ball (yet). When or if they do they could easily become one of America’s brightest and tightest rock forces. ‘Diarrhea’ may be sloppy in places but it makes up with solid, forceful song writing. Maaaaaan what have they made me say now? This album seriously rocks. Just don’t take it too seriously.” – Pete Stanley

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March 26, 2006

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Bowl Of Shit

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