PPR is an experimental punk style band from Atlanta. We formed back in late 2002. We released a self titled EP in 2003 and we released a very specific concept album called "Diarrhea" in 2005. We played a bunch of shows in the southeast around this time in support, and did a tour up the east coast. Since then we have had a lineup change in the form of our new drummer. We have regrouped and started playing shows again and we recently finished recording and mixing a wealth of new material which we are going to release and relentlessly support ASAP. That will be in the form of a new full length album and an instrumental EP. When PPR plays live we cover the gamut of everything we've done which includes a little bit from our 2 older albums, a bunch of new stuff, and a few random covers done the PPR way. When PPR first formed we used to live together in a poorly insulated shack in the woods with no heat and no hot water. That is true. It was crazy dirty and scorpions lived there, but we could play music 24 hrs a day. If you left any food out a million ants would come eat it within a few minutes, and black stuff grew in the sink. When PPR first found our new drummer, he and the bass player were working together at a bar and spent a good deal of time diving into empty delivery boxes and then setting them up and diving into them again. Apparently this has never stopped affecting the chemistry and tightness of the rhythm section.

The Latest Albums

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