Haunted House Vol. 1

1 Three Hummingbirds

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Kristen Strezo and Robert Filippo return with a brand new full length showcasing ten tracks of their well crafted experimental indie / folk rock sounds. Collin Guy (bass), Fernando Medina (drums), Pablo Cerda (drums) and Oliver (cello) performed as well on the tracks for “Haunted House Volume 1”.

Continuing where “This Balance” (their debut) ended, Strezo branch out upon those ideas further incorporating folk and world music influences into their unique indie rock sounds complete with Kristen’s amazing vocal delivery.

“Listening to Strezo,one can imagine that Strezo and cohort Phillipo traveled the world collecting musical pebbles from distant shores.They put them in a jar,rattled them together,and the eclectic musical sound waves emerging from the speakers are the complimentary banging together of these diverse sounds.

Strezo defies categorizing, though if I’m going to hazard an umbrella, I would say it’s world electro pop. The songs hold generous percussion – even non percussive instruments garner percussive quali ties and a wide variety of instrumentation is utilized to create the unique soundscapes. Sometimes Strezo’s voice is in focus above the canvas, and sometimes it fades back and becomes another element of the song’s background. Either way, listeners go on a rain bowed world tour.” – Girlistic Magazine

“Strezo is the namesake of vocalist Kristen Strezo. Consisting primarily of Strezo on vocals and multi-instrumentalist Robert Filippo, Strezo’s music is what one could call “prog-folk” – certainly not your daddy’s folk! With world percussion rhythms that change multiple times in a given song and atmospheric guitar work, Strezo has made an album that is quite original in both sound and approach.

Strezo’s lyrics are generally in a more storytelling vein, with the melody often finding itself subservient to these captivating tales. Sometimes Strezo will ride a single note for many bars to get the words out. Vocally her timbre reminds one of a combination of Jeff Buckley and Natalie Merchant and… Her phrasing is excellent, though, and very original.” – Southeast Performer

Release Date
January 27, 2009

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Three Hummingbirds

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