Strezo's core members are Kristen Strezo, Robert Filippo and Collin Guy. Kristen and Robert are originally from Chicago but did reside in Atlanta. Kristen Strezo and Robert Filippo have been making music together since they became friends in high school, playing in several bands predecesing STREZO. They were best known back home as the duo behind the confrontational Chicago math-rock punk band HEDONISTS,MAYBE. In Atlanta in 2007, they met bassist Collin Guy and began performing in Atlanta and the Southeast with a rotating cast of musicians such as Davis Petterson of Ghosts Project, Mario Schambon of The Selmanares, composer/percussionist Klimchack, cellist Daisha Oliver of Tiger!Tiger!, drummer Pablo Cerda and Chicago pro drummer Fernando Medina. In 2009 Strezo paired down to a trio with guitarist Robert Filippo moving to percussion and Collin Guy on bass and of course Kristen Strezo on vocals. "...Through her lyrics, sung strong and clear, she pleaded for women's rights, for independence, and for peace....Hypnotizing rhythms conjured an air of mysticism as tribal drum beats and metallic guitar notes rocked the room. Through the span of their short set, Strezo took the audience halfway around the world and back, venturing through klezmer, afro beat, and flamenco..." - live review from Southeast Performer

The Latest Albums

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