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Mitch Foy has been the main driving force behind Tenth To The Moon since 2003. Tenth To The Moon became Mitch’s new musical adventure after the demise of Pineal Ventana.

Pineal Ventana was a long running noise experimental band from Atlanta, Georgia that was renowned for over the top live shows. Before Pineal Ventana Mitch served time in King Kill 33.

With Tenth To The Moon Mitch opted for a different musical direction deciding instead to focus on the more interesting and obscure regions of keyboard and drum driven music. With the addition of Doug Hughes on keyboards, Mitch is able to focus on drums, vocals and reverb effects. The result is a very dark but catchy synth/drum sound that definitely reminds one of such bands as test department, skinny puppy, joy division and more, but it’s all put together in a manner that is definitely original and refreshing.

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January 25, 2005

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Deadbeat Bath

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