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Emerging from the new crop of US underground acts updating the American Deathrock + UK Post Punk aesthetic. Entertainment is raw and bleak. Channeling the best parts of early 80s goth from a thousand years away.

They’ve often been described as a perfect amalgamation of the sum of their influences, “the sound of death on vinyl, wrapped in layers of spaced-out dub, post punk shards, tinny synths, and cavernous silence.”

Maggot Church is their first new single in 12 years, bringing a stark darkness, seeped in glammed up desperation and fractured grooves to an age where dark music has been co-opted by laptop bedsitters coping gothic moves in an attempt to distinguish hacked soundscapes from the rave and dance clubs in which they can’t compete. Featuring remixes By INHALT, Delphine Coma, and SubVon (tom Ashton of the March Violets).

Maggot Church is the first track of the upcoming Horror Part 1 EP.

Release Date
October 21, 2020

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Maggot Church

Album Review

The aggression of the comeback single from Entertainment is immediate and shocking. Echoing waves of reverb jostle and crash into shores of emptiness as if the five rivers of hell were poured into a singular torrent. 12 years after the release of their singular LP Gender, the Athens goth group bestow “Maggot Church” on the shadows of the south, a thunderous release that multiplies the tension of their previous work while retaining much of the glam and traditional goth melancholy that characterized their debut. The track, which was released with supporting remixes, isn’t a one-off for the band, but instead signals more new work, including a two-part EP that will drop later this year. – Russell Rockwell

Immersive Atlanta

In October 2020, two of the group’s founding members, Trey Ehart (vocals, guitar, bass, and synthesizer) and Bari Donovan (drums and percussion), along with Entertainment’s latest addition Jim Groff (synth) emerged from the void with a new single, titled “Maggot Church.” From the song’s hissing salvo — a deluge of sonic light and shadow — “Maggot Church’s” stark, effects-laden doom and ambiance are pierced by Ehart’s spectral moans of catharsis. Released with a handful of remixes by INHALT, Delphine Coma, and SubVon, aka producer and former March Violets guitar player Tom Ashton, “Maggot Church” is an empowered number cut from rhythmic grooves and distortion, and charged with intensity. It’s a twisted and contemptuous song that expands upon the group’s brand of gothic rock with an evolved and atmospheric makeover. - Chad Radford


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