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“In contrast, for the Halocline album, Schultz says, “The DfTaLS tracks were all improvised. [They] were originally recorded about 12 months ago and we have been working on them for the past eight months. We started out with around 15 songs and narrowed them down to eight. It takes me a while to get the songs sounding how I think they should. We decided to put it out now as a digital release, to offer support and provide a distraction (and possible sleep aid).”

“Most of this material was recorded about a year ago, spring 2019.” says Burland. “Frank and I were getting together once a week or so during that time. We approach these sessions like we do a live performance, in that we set up, sit down and start playing, with little discussion. What I find most interesting about this collection is that many years ago a writer in Columbia, South Carolina wrote a blurb in the free weekly there, describing our music as ‘a long lost soundtrack to a deep sea documentary.’ After listening to our final picks, I realized that we just made that soundtrack. Coincidentally, we had decided to name the album Halocline which is a phenomenon in seawater where salinity and temperature affect the water’s density and clarity.”” – Mark Gresham / Earrelevant

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May 17, 2020

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Although it is right there in the title, the duo of Scott Burland (theremin) and Frank Schultz (lap steel) create signifier-less soundscapes that sound beyond their instruments range and shape. Like a slow motion rogue wave, “Maelstrom” moves upon the listener slowly, deeply submerged tones and tonal shifts moving atop each other like tectonic plates – the result of which we only see until it’s too late. Vocalist Dane Walters occupies the upper range – creating a potent surge of sound that reaches the rafters while the duo plumb the ocean depths. A truly engrossing and captivating track.

Tome To The Weather Machine

Taken from their upcoming album ‘Halocline’, the Atlanta duo composed by Scott Burland (theremin) Frank Schultz (lap steel guitar), brings us the single track ‘Malestrom’, a cinematic instrumental number, which with its 6 minutes of listening , make us sink into the great power of the kaleidoscopic drone eddy. So ‘Malestrom’ magnificently introduces the next album ‘Halocline’, announced for May 16th, 2020, bringing us a cinematic piece with a spectacular scenography. Between vaporous tones, visceral drones and pregnant atmospheres, Burland’s theremin and Shultz’s lap steel guitar sail figuratively in slow-motion, on the brink of that Malestrom that titles the song itself. By designing a flowing slideshow, that scroll in a slow but inexorable and organic overview, the two artists mount a soundtrack that conveys all the sense of astonishment, fear, majesty and dismay that we could feel if we were to peep on the edge of one of the most powerful and profound representations of the force of nature. Impeccably sequenced, with an evolutionary permeance that always keeps us anchored to the same sound environment, the drone musical argumentation varies in minimal details, dragging us into a surprisingly immersive listening experience, capable of telling a wide amount of details. Transcendental to the nth degree, in constant balance between tensed dismay and amazing beauty.

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