Other Voices

1 Act I, Scene III

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Their self-titled album, released on Stickfigure Recordings, is difficult to categorize, but fans of post-punk, hardcore and heavier, edgier indie-rock should pay particular interest.

Recommended for fans of A Place To Bury Strangers, All The Saints, Crystal Antlers and T Tauri.

Release Date
October 29, 2009

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Act I, Scene III

Album Review

Other Voices is a band formed from the ashes of Death of Marat and The Minibosses. This band has apparently not been active for some time...which makes it even more unusual that their debut CD is only now being released. This is just the kinda underground rock stuff we dig. The guitars are loud and up front in the mix...the rhythm section powerful and driving...and the vocals appropriately drenched in reverb and/or echo. Only about half an hour's worth of music here...but every track is a keeper. Top picks: "Is There A Sharp Object Nearby?", "No Cause Effect," "Smoke and Mirrors."

Baby Sue Magazine

Info on this Phoenix, AZ post-punk trio is rather scarce. Formed by members of Death of Marat and the Minibosses, Other Voices played some really loud shows around their home town, recorded a handful of songs in late 2008, and now are no longer with us (the press release mysteriously refers to them in the past tense). The seven tracks on this ostensible retrospective hit the ground running, fueled by a mix of tightly wound and heavily reverbed discordant guitar riffs and vocalist/drummer Jef Wright’s nervous monotone and busy drumbeats. Much of this hearkens back to the early ‘90s glory days of American post-punk, in particular early Unwound and Green Magnet School. It’s not quite up to those lofty standards, but it still makes for a riveting listen.

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