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“It has passion and woe, but the lyrics aren’t typically angst-filled, or too introspective: rather, they have a grandiose, sweeping energy.

It also has what the band likes to call, “Dance punk vocals consisting of a mixture of genres ranging from electro pop punk to dirty disco”. – While your cranium digests’ all that, let me just say that Von Iva are the missing link between industrial atl. rock, and pop punk. Very reminiscent of the Eurorythmics’ sound, especially around the time of the heavy-duty blues pop of “Missionary Man”.” – Jersey Beat

Release Date
June 27, 2009

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So, I really didn't know anything about this Von Iva band until I volunteered to interview their lead singer for one of my other gigs. Then I got their CDs in the mail and holy shit, I'm in love! Part rock, part punk, part disco and all amazing. Seriously, I haven't taken them out of my CD player since I got them.

Oh My That's Awesome

"Local ladies, Von Iva bring the party to you on this EP with an equal amount of sass and class. Girls on Film is a Glammy pop EP with soulful vocals that pops like indie-bubble gum and you can dance to it. Expect a crisp production, simple melodies and a lot of head nodders. The fundamental groove is what keeps this trio in the pocket and it works. Jillian Ivas soulful vocals aren't too rough or too soft so she finds a balance that doesn't turn your ear south. Becky Kupersmith compliments well with the keyboards that don't drown out the songs or sound too light. Kelly Harris on drums bangs steady to keep that groove and the drums are EQ'd well. Over all it's a solid EP so put it on and turn it past 11!" - Michael Uhila


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