1 Termite's Nightgown

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“She has a pretty voice and her delivery makes me think she has nightmares.” ~Unknown

“…one gets the sense, that for all her vulnerability, Beddard makes a habit of overcoming challenges to her spirit.” ~Stylus Magazine

“W-S Burn is one of those groups you hear ten weird stories about long before you meet them…” ~Whiskey & Apples

“…lo-fi, trippy as hell, dark, gorgeous songs that sound like alien ghosts wandering the forest…” ~Red Hunter

“…nothing but beautiful… it’s like the whole thing takes place in a different Universe and you’re lucky enough to look through a window at it.” ~’Songs:Illinois SXSW 2007′

“…one begins to care a great deal for Beddard. We see a barefoot dreamer in a thrift-store dress, hitching a ride out of a dead-end hometown, and we naturally want things to work out for her…” ~Stylus Magazine

Our “real” names are Pixie and Steve, and if you saw us we would appear to be, respectively, an odd but pretty redheaded witch and a dark-eyed man in a sun-yellow smiley face helmet, and our instruments would seem to be a tall brass lamp raining multicolored wind chimes and a battle-ax guitar resounding dreamily through a friendly old Super-Reverb amp. But we are actually the shapes of sounds that are called out of hiding, sounds that want to be lovely and wild and known, and we are here to fill the spaces between here and there, you and I, us and them…because Universe means “one song”. This music is for everyone that relates to it and recognizes themselves in it, and for where it comes from, so if you happen to see a snake eating its own tail… it’s really a W-S BURN set.

Release Date
April 27, 2008

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Termite's Nightgown

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