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Jaggery is a Boston (formerly Brooklyn) based musical collective whose songs and sounds defy genre. Critis have used terms like “dark-wave jazz”, “arty chamber pop”, and “ethereal, avant-rock”. Frontwoman Mali Sastri’s multi-hued vocalizations conjure up emotion and atmosphere which can only be weighed on a global scale. Her voice can be a leaf floating in the wind, and then become an Earth-shaking Everest-sized volcano. Delicate or explosive, it’s always magnificent, captivating, and sustained by a gorgeous tapestry woven by Petaluma Vale on dream-like Celtic harp, Tony Leva on earthy, deliciously funky upright bass, and Daniel Schubmehl on rich, organic percussion and drums.

“Jaggery is a Brooklyn-based collective that works the dark edge of a genre-defying musical style (darkwave jazz?). They bring to mind a more classical, organic, avant-jazz oriented Cocteau Twins, or a “white witch” counter to the haunting Diamanda Galas. Certainly, Jaggery’s pianist/lead vocalist Mali Sastri has a capitivating, powerful, entrancing voice, lending the overall sound an exotic, mystical, far eastern aura. The band also features celtic harp (Jesse Sparhawk), stand-up bass (Tony Leva) and two absolutely possessed drummer/percussionists (Daniel Schubmehl & Raky Sastri). Electric guitar (Ziggy Drozdowski) is worked into some songs, but definitley more Frith than Slash. Let the dark, velvety warmth of Jaggery be your soundtrack for a mysterious, unreal dreamstate.” ~ Bob Weir, Triage Music

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January 28, 2008

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