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Femme Fatality formed in 2003 with intent of stirring up trouble within their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. They set out to do things exactly the opposite of their hipster peers, and in turn became one of the most popular underground bands in their region. The group decided to write songs about sex and debauchery over fast and dirty electronic dance beats. It worked. The group started selling out local clubs and became a national touring act. In 2004, collective recordings released Femme Fatality’s debut “never had a daddy” to overwhelming regional praise.

“Pretty Mess” is the debut single from the forthcoming Femme Fatality sophomore release to be released on Stickfigure in May 2008. “Pretty Mess” finds Femme Fatality as a full blown band that has morphed into the bastard child of the faint and the blood brothers. While the driving electronic dance beat is definitely present, there is a definite more “hardcore” feel to the mania due to the presence of guitars and bass.

The B-side “XXX Arcade” shows that Femme Fatality is not just a crazed dance-a-thon machine, but can definitely write good dark pop songs as well.

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October 25, 2007

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Pretty Mess

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