Wound In Wall

1 Manufactured Missing Children

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“Feeding Fingers unfurls its debut album titled Wound in Wall like a blast straight from the ’80s. Along with plaintive vocals and mournful melodies, time seems to warp, bringing the era of old-school Depeche Mode back here againjust listen to Fireflies Make Us Sick. The three-piece gothic rock outfit evokes, like none other, the authentic and classic sounds that smacks of The Cocteau Twins, Siousxie and the Banshees and The Cure. Boasting elements from genres ranging from post-punk to dream pop, the stylistically different tracks in this album firmly place Feeding Fingers in a multi-talented niche of its own. Look out for the technical and musical finesse of international award-winning animator/multi-media artist, Justin Curfman (vocals, keyboard and guitar). This is beautifully demonstrated in the complex layered sounds and sweetly rounded-out harmonies that send chills scaling up and down one’s spine. Professional veteran percussionist Danny Hunt deftly imparts dark and moody beats to the dreamlike and whimsical lyrics, while multi-instrumentalist and former member of eNTERTAINME.NT, Todd Caras crafts simple yet commanding bass lines. This makes for an timeless and strangely seductive treat to the ears and definitely labels this album as an undeniably powerful force, proving that post-punk and new-wave are definitely not dead. Let these bittersweet songs of the surreal tangle you in their velvet webs and sink you back into macabre dreams–of sad little broken dolls and saw tooth hula hoops. You wanderers looking for little deaths in the tapestry of the living will not be disappointed.” – SDAM

Release Date
September 27, 2007

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Manufactured Missing Children

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