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1 Banger: An Eating Contest

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Hooray for Beck-influenced home recording nutjobs! Jason Temple and Brian Esser are a pair of Floridans who gathered a bunch of electronic analog boxes and set them and turned them loose on each other, like a music geek’s version of playing toy soldiers. There’s a little bit of Sukia electro-soundscape artiness, some Black Dice beat processing, some sci-fi robotics, and finally a dollop of Suicide damaged keyboard music. This music is what they will be playing on commercial transports to Mars in about 50 years. All these songs have a homemade feel, but an art loft appeal. Songs are not based on chord progressions but nearly sound effects stitched together over rhythm loops. My faves are “Big Bass With Platinum Limbs” which has a few lyrics and glitchy beats before being tossed into a salad shooter (or something). And of course “High Heel To Mammal” which struts a weird, funky robotic catwalk beat over bubbling synthesizers. This is what robots will do stripteases to!- Culture Bunker

Originally Released in 2004 on Stickfigure CD-R – Reissued on SAF Recordings

Release Date
May 25, 2004

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Banger: An Eating Contest

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