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Atlanta’s blame game have been an active band for about five years as of Summer of 2004. This cd compiles everything that blame game has ever released.

Featured on this cd are six new songs which were recorded in November of 2003; the eight songs which are present on the split lp with zann; the nine tracks which were recorded in December of 2001 – four of which were released as the blame game 7″; and there are four additional tracks which were recorded in late 1999 as a demo.

All told there is seventy-seven minutes worth of music on this cd. Blame Game’s sound has matured from a spastic grind/crust to mohinder-esqu manic screamy hardcore to their current very original don caballero meets captain beefheart meets screamo sound.

Release Date
May 25, 2004

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Dr. Hathaway

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