Stickfigures In Drunicorn DVD-r

1 Silence

About Album

Atlanta’s notorious Tenth To The Moon unleash their debut dvd-r upon the world. Mitch Foy and Doug Hughes have been destroying Atlanta audiences as Tenth To The Moon since 2005. Tenth To The Moon engage audiences with their punk electronica mayhem that draws comparisons from Joy Division to the Screamers.

This is a DVD-r which was recorded live @ the Stickfigure Showcase in January 2006. Featured on this DVD-r is five tracks: “Codify”, “No Nothing Never”, “Deadbeat Bath”, “Baal” and “Avoidance”.

The footage was taken from three different camera views by Mass Control Media and the sound quality is (believe it or not) excellent!

Release Date
August 26, 2006

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