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Released in August 2008 on Stickfigure Records, Tenth To The Moon’s self-titled debut is the culmination of the group’s entire history while simultaneously pushing forward into the unknown. Many adjectives apply, some contradictory: seductive, menacing, introspective, inscrutable, lustful, mystical, adrenalized, pitch black, blindingly bright… In addition to Foy, Hughes, Shea (who cowrote “House on Stilts”) and Moore, many luminaries appear, including former PV members Clara Clamp, Travis Kotler, and Shane Pringle (Tiger! Tiger!); Jason Hatcher (Hex Error); and others.

“The song construction gleefully defies conformity, eschewing typical craft for a fevered pitch, stress-inducing rhythms and absolute frenzy. The album whirls about like a disjointed and scatter-shot heated dream, complete with synthesizers and bombast, dominates the senses and places a foot in the middle of your sternum.” – Southeast Performer

“Centered around the buzz, rattle and hum of diseased electronic gadgets built on the sounds of vaguely sci-fi psychodrama, this is potent, pulsing stuff.” – the one true dead angel

“With a dark and unrelenting electronic core, demented vocals that sound piped in from Hades and an intense percussive assault, this is the music of madness unleashed.” – Stomp and Stammer

“(Tenth To The Moon’s debut) is blanketed with art-damaged and proto-industrial imagery and is all about layering rhythms to push the art of psychological assault to disturbing new heights.” – Creative Loafing

“Tenth to the Moon’s wrenching performance would have worked just as well in the midst of the storm as it did now, two weeks since the F-2 tornado hit.” – Southeast Performer, review of Tenth’s set at Lenny’s (Atlanta, GA) Tornado Victim’s Benefit Show

“You can always count on Tenth To The Moon to do something outlandishly different. Their set was glorious: loud, fast, chaotic, screaming, clanging, clattering, bass riff heavy, keyboard melody driven, beautiful noise” – Evil Sponge

Release Date
August 28, 2008

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