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Formerly known as Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic, Strezo’s debut “This Balance” has been reissued as a real cd instead of a cd-r.

Utilizing abstract guitar, propulsive percussion with intensive vocals, “This Balance” showcase a unique new sound. The primary members of Strezo are vocalist Kristen Strezo and multi-instrumentalist Robert Filippo. Using prior experiences from the hard rock band Hdeonists Maybe, as well as theatre experience, Strezo have created a unique blend of pop and theatre using elements of rock, electronica, ambient soundscapes and world-beat percussion. Originally from Chicago, Strezo have relocated to Atlanta, Georiga.

“Kristen’s delicate and thickly emotive vocals plait over and around a bevy of ethereally understated, complex soundscapes and world beats creating a distinctively charged flavor of art rock.” – Church of Girl Radio

“Beethoven once posited that what is most powerful about music is not the notes played, but rather, the silence between the notes which draws the strongest emotional reactions. This band understands that.” – Chris Riter, Chicago writer / director

“Strezo took the stage with a unique and surprising performance. With drums, guitar, dulcimer and keys Strezo had an indie sound that had everyone wondering what would happen next.” – Sophie Creole, music festival writer

“Strezo’s “This Balance” is one of those compilations which show the hallmark of good artistry combining originality, deep personal expression and genuine experimentation with unique sounds and rhythmic mixes.” – Wo! Magazine

“One Of The Most original and mature works I’ve heard this year.” – Mercury United Media

Release Date
June 26, 2007

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