Blind The Thin King

On a minor level, Blind The Thin King is a reaction to the three years I spent making the 37 minutes of severed and reengineered cells of The Stooges' Fun House that became Funhausen. In addition to not wanting to torture myself for that long, I needed to escape from operating in the red. I craved relief from jarring edits, exploiting noise rock tropes, and creating the lie of excessive abandon with obsessively mapped geometries. For BTTK, I consciously denied my DNA's predilection for aggression and blatant electronics, and chose to limit architectural deviations. Pardon my taste for overwrought poetics, but I despise tethering my work to marketing tags and genre simplifications. So duck for cover lest ye be stained by hyperbole: BTTK was conceived as preapocalyptic shadow play music, the narrative being the looming and self-fulfilling death of empire(s). Yes, my expression is often perceived as highfalutin pretension, and I don't give a fuck.

The Latest Albums

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