Ship At Sea

Have you ever had a dream, and you felt it must mean something, but you don't know what? Days later, after much subconcious debate, you reassemble the pieces of your life that inspired it. Perhaps that same phenomenon could apply to other expressions. In putting together sounds and melodies, at times, something seems "right," and may be accompanied by a look of mutual agreement. The "rightness" of such pairings of noise and order, chaos and structure, is not usually immediately apparent, but on reflection seems to reveal a theme. Tension, urgency, wonder, fear, aspiration. This is the method to which we ascribe, our music being more like an exploration than a pilgrimage to familiar territories. The not knowing where it will lead allows an introspection that is revealing to the performer as well as the audience. This candor is the unique feature to this music. We hope that people of like minds will enjoy it as well, and find their own ways to express themselves.

The Latest Albums

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