Complete Discography (2005 – 2006)

1 Blue Romance

About Album

“This is not what you have been trained to expect of music. Practice is not part of our method, structure is not part of the plan, a plan is not part of the plan. All objects and mammals in the house are in danger of becoming instruments. Entire songs are based upon mistakes, and other mistakes join and become something unintended. These songs came not from within, but from around us, from the past, from our future hopes. Ideas float all around, we are trying to gather them, they are as plentiful as fireflies as dark falls on a summer night. But they are not easy to see, or hear, or feel if you don’t know how to perceive them. Close the mind to what is espoused to be proper musical form, hear emotion as sound, see sound as color, feel melodies as stories- make up your own mind. These sounds are as much the listeners as the players, it is up to you. We didn’t create these, they just existed, were plucked, are ready to be shared.”

Release Date
June 25, 2006

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Blue Romance

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