Blame Game

From 1999 to 2007 Blame Game was a fixture of the Atlanta DIY punk scene. The band's sound changed drastically over those 8 years. However their approach to touring and releasing records never strayed from their roots in hardcore/punk. Early recordings sound like most southern hardcore of the time: fast, dark and loud. By the split 12" with Zann the band began to experiment with improvisation and introduced many elements from jazz. The band did not become fully realized until Ask Someone. These 3 songs (and one sound collaboration with the artist Magicicada) owe as much to Polvo, Captain Beefheart and Ornette Coleman as they do punk. By keeping the intensity and urgency of punk but breaking free of the limitations of the genre, Blame Game created something entirely unique and lasting. Over those 8 years, Blame Game toured consistently on the East Coast and once in Europe. The band took an indefinite hiatus in 2007. Members have remained active playing in bands such as: Hawks, Gold Standard, Multitudes, Thy Mighty Contract, Gringo Star, Hollow Stars and more. Blame Game was: Alex Lambert - drums Chris Ware - bass Ian Deaton - guitar 1999-2005 Matt McCalvin - guitar 1999-2003 George Asimakos - guitar 2003-present Andrew Wiggins - guitar 2005-present

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