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“In the past eight years Blame Game has taken itself and its audience through a lesson in evolution that would surely make Darwin proud. The band had its genesis as a scrappy young hardcore band and ended up as an epic and complex instrumental powerhouse. I have seen other reviews for the band that bring up their debt owed to the likes of Ornette Coleman, Don Caballero, and Captain Beefheart. While all of these influences are undeniable, I think it is more important to point out that Blame Game have carved a very unique sound out of the fusion of their heroes more so than just merely imitating them. It is this that makes the release of their latest LP “Ask Someone” one which is bittersweet.

Following the release of the record and the late May/early June 2006 tour, drummer and co-founder of the band Alex Lambert will be leaving for New York. Bassist Chris Ware, guitarist George Asimakos, and guitarist Andrew Wiggins will be staying behind however the band insists they are not breaking up, merely going on hiatus. The 12″ contains three new tracks from the band which show them charting yet another course in their career. Combining free form atonal improvisation with mammoth hard charging moments of intensity, these new songs show them as a one of those rare bands that continues to eschew the typical. The second side features an equally impressive remix of their material done by the artist Magicicada. I know I am not alone in saying that all of us in Atlanta hope that this is indeed a hiatus and that this is not the swan song of this amazing band.” Matt Bernard (May 2006)

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May 26, 2006

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